Large Glass Penthouse: Free Download


Here is one of my creations. This is a large multistory glass penthouse with a roof level. A large pool sits on the roof and creates a water feature inside the building to the ground floor. This is a great building to get you started in your game, and you can then add to it Read the full article…

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Surviving the night in Minecraft

Minecraft - build a shelter

Note: This is applicable to survival mode in Minecraft This is a tutorial on surviving your first night on Minecraft. When you start your world for the very first time, you don’t have much of an inventory. Below is a guide of things to do on your first day, before the sun sets, to help Read the full article…

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Farming in Minecraft

Minecraft Farming

FARMING Farming is a useful way to make sustainable crop plantations for food. Here’s an efficient way to grow some crops: Items Required: a hoe a shovel the crops buckets of water (Click on each open below to view a larger image in a new window if you need to see more detail of each Read the full article…

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How to make a compact night light

The nightlight is basically just a redstone powered lamp that automatically turns on at night. This is the most compact way to make it and only takes 5 items/blocks Step 1: Place the block, any will do as long as it’s not transparent (you can place things on the sides) Step 2: Put the redstone Read the full article…

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Welcome to Minecraft Designer


This site will be a feature site for Minecraft design work. It will be a place for Minecraft enthusiasts to come and show their work and creations to inspire others.

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